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Tada! Welcome to my about me page!

So some of you may already be familiar with the fact that for the last few years I have run Fullmetal Cupcake which is a nail art blog, something you may not know however is that when I started Fullmetal Cupcake I wanted to do more than nail art, but it didn't seem cohesive. As big of a part of my life as nail art is, believe it or not Gaming and Entertainment is an even bigger part so it's only natural that I would want to share that part of my life in addition to nail art but on separate pages.

I was one of those kids who didn't really have access to games except for Frogger on an MS-DOS computer, one copy of Mario on a NES I purchased at a yard sale, and one of those flip open 999 games in one hand helds you could buy at corner stores in the 90's. My family didn't have money, and I was encouraged to be outside as much as possible so other than times being at a friends house who had a gaming console and some random games gaming didn't become as big of a part of my life as it is until my late teens when I met my long term boyfriend.

When I met my hunny (who is a HUGE gamer) a whole new world that I never could have dreamed of opened up to me, he shared with me his interests which became my interests, and have had a huge impact on my life.

During my late teens and early twenties I suffered with anxiety and Anorexia, I can honestly say that without the distraction of gaming (at the time predominately Super Paper Mario, Elebits, Persona 3, and Team Fortress 2) I would not have been able to draw my minds focus away from the anxiety driven issues that had a grip on me. Of course my fantabulous boyfriend was a continuing source of support, and stability and remains as such today.

I firmly believe that gaming and entertainment is good for you if you are able to have fun. I believe that a good distraction and escape from reality is something that everyone needs occasionally. So won't you join me as I show you my particular view on these things, and share with you the things I love? :)


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