Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Welcome to "The Nerdy Cupcake" !!

Hey guys!

If you are joining me from my other blog Fullmetal Cupcake then hello again and thank you for checking this blog out as well. If you are a new comer then welcome, and thank you for stopping by!

I'm starting this blog because while yes Nail art and polish is a big part of me, it isn't the biggest part of me and I want to share my thoughts, opinions, and cool news pertaining to entertainment and video games. Typical topics will include games, collectibles, T.V. and Movies, un-boxings and more. I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing it and sharing it with you!

I am just getting started so bear with me and check back, regular posts should start within the week. Don't forget to check my social media buttons in the side bar to find me on other social media platforms! 

Signing off for now

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